PACC’s  full service includes value engineering, management, labor, materials and equipment.  Construction work is performed on a seamless schedule because no other key subcontactors are involved or responsible.  Customers have the option of providing their own electrical and plumbing contractors.

Palo Alto Concrete & Construction specializes in:

  • New custom basements and retrofit basements 

  • New foundations and foundation replacements

  • Site retaining walls and flatwork

  • Underground parking structures

Services include:

  • Excavation, fills & grading
  • Soil sampling for analysis
  • Temporary soil shoring
  • Temporary house shoring & leveling
  • De-watering systems
  • Concrete waterproofing
  • Storm water drainage systems
  • Mat slabs, basement and site retaining walls
  • Slabs on grade and flat-work
  • Slabs-on-decks & post tensioned slabs
  • Piers and grade beams foundations
  • Utility trenching and backfill
  • Green approach to planning and construction
  • Value engineering and comprehensive project management