Palo Alto Concrete & Construction Inc. was founded in 1979 as a specialty subcontractor construction company that constructed basements under many of the old historical homes in Palo Alto.

Since that time custom basements have become part of many new home projects, and more homeowners are retro-fitting their older homes with basements and foundation replacements; and PACC has grown with these new demands. Since 1980 we have built over 300 basements in the Palo Alto area and many more throughout the Peninsula.

Stress Free Basement Construction

Traditionally basement construction requires many subcontractors to build the complete basement structure as well as requiring many critical inspections along the way. PACC not only builds the basement structure but manages the inspection and QC process. This frees up the General Contractor to manage other aspects of the home building process.

PACC self performs all aspects of the basement construction from soil shoring, dewatering, house shoring, excavation, waterproofing, drainage systems and concrete work through final grading. Our scope of work also includes other foundations, site work and concrete flat-work.

PACC is committed to providing general contractors or owner builders a one-stop shopping solution for your custom basement construction needs.